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LIVE acoustic COVERS

Download here a FREE album of studio covers, recorded in the style of the LIVE acoustic show.




BIOG in brief

Edinburgh born guitarist Willie Logan became a professional musician soon after leaving full time education. In 1997 he made the final of Guitarist magazines Guitarist Of The Year competition at Wembley and at that time had several guitar instrumental tribute albums out on the Hallmark label, which sold in excess of 70,000 units. He also recorded a rock version of THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN which topped the Blues charts for 3 years enjoying on average 200 - 300 plays a day for the first 6 months and is now featured on his album of the same name. Subsequent to that, he has released several other solo albums on Rollercoaster records and German label ZYX, and toured these all over Europe, solo and with a band.

Will has worked with many well known musicians and bands over the years and has several projects he is currently involved in. For a few years he was a LAG guitars endorsee. He released a new acoustic driven retrospective album last year, MR ORANGE PEEL, the title taken from an old performing name from the 1990's, THE ORANGE PEEL EFFECT, in the middle of a 3 year recording project which has spawned a more electric album. The album is titled CHANGE. It features a 10 minute prog track about the cruelty of bullfighting.

A follow up to CHANGE is TOO MANY HATS. A fantastic co-production with T.Bone Thiebault under the guise of THE ORANGE PEEL PROJECT. Finally the most recent and current albums MY BIG FACE, INSIDE THE GLASS HEAD and 2020, are completely solo work, featuring songs and instrumentals in a PROG-POP-ROCK vibe. The latter inspired by the COVID 19 situation of 2020.

MOST of the Willie Logan catalogue is available to stream on Spotify, iTunes and all major platforms.


Will also continues to gig acoustically using a looper, some percussion and a guitar. 


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